Connect with Loved Ones–Pursue Your Passions–Live

My interests are many. Choosing between what I want to do and what I should do isn’t easy. I spend as much time writing as possible, but I take at least a few hours a week to walk in the woods with Joe.

Joe likes to hunt mushrooms and I like to photograph God’s creation. These nature walks allow us both to do something we like, and we are doing it together.
He has taught me much about mushrooms. I have become quite adept at finding them and I enjoy the hunt. Joe has learned to wait patiently (or not) while I photograph them.
We are each doing something we like, and we are doing it together. It is relaxing and the fresh air and exercise are good for us.


I have to confess to being shutter happy. I usually get home with close to a thousand pictures to download after one of these walks. I keep the best and delete the rest.
I enjoy sewing and crafting. I have shelves and boxes full of future projects. I don’t get as much of this done as I would like, but maybe someday…
Reading is high on my list of  interests, or maybe I should say addictions. Every room of my house displays the evidence.
Writing is my passion and my favorite past time. I am content with it for now, and maybe for always. 
Because… I am a Writer