My Passion

Thoughts are fleeting. Spoken words are soon forgotten. Hand written notes have a limited audience and are destructible. Words we type on the internet are published for the world to see. We can delete them, but someone, somewhere knows how to retrieve them. They never go away.


This electronic age in which we live has broadened our reach and filled our sky with bulging clouds, full of our words, ready to burst forth at a time and place not always of our choosing.

Words are powerful. The content of our writing, as well as our use of grammar affects our merit as a writer. We can and will be judged by them. What we say has a great impact on the world. Our words can be used to lead a person to Christ and save a soul from hell or to push him farther from the truth. We must choose our words with care.

A few simple words, a simple challenge from a Sunday school teacher when I was 10 years old, has affected my life for over 40 years.

“Read from your Bible every day,” she said, “Even if it is only one verse.”

It was a simple challenge. It did not take even a minute to do. I accepted the challenge and I did it. I read my Bible each day. Sometimes I only read one verse, but most days I read more.

A year or so later, another teacher challenged me to read a chapter every day. This was easy since reading my Bible daily had become a habit. For thirty years I continued this practice, missing less than a half dozen times.

How much different would my life have been if those teachers had not spoken those few simple words? Would I have read daily from God’s word? Probably not. Would I have developed a daily relationship with God if I had not been challenged? Not likely.

Every day I opened my heart to allow God to speak to me. I did not think of it that way at the time, but as I look back, I see that this gave God room to work on me, to mold me a little at a time into the person He wanted me to be.

I was saved when I was 8 years old. My pastor’s wife led me to the Lord. Not long afterward, I remember my mother saying,

 “Mrs. Higgins has a habit of closing her lips and keeping them in a tight line any time someone starts to gossip.”

Mom admired her for it. I purposed to develop this same habit in my life. The simple words my mother spoke as she relayed her observation inspired me to avoid the misuse of words to degrade another behind his/her back.

We never know what impact the words we speak or write, or the stand we take, will have on another person. I am thankful for the people who spoke those words that had such a great influence on my life .

God has taught me much through reading His word.

Much of it is in my mind, my thoughts. Some I have put on paper. But guess what? I have shared very little of it. Sure, I taught Sunday school classes. I taught in Vacation Bible School. I raised 4 children and taught them about God.

But what about the great commission?

What have I shared with the rest of the world?

Today we have a way to fulfill this commission to share God with the world in a greater capacity than at any other time in history. The apostle Paul wrote letters to the churches and depended on others to deliver his messages. It probably took weeks, months and even years for those messages to reach them. Today we can compose our message, edit for mistakes, click submit and the message is available for the world to see.

What has God given you to share?

What has He given me? What am I doing with the message? Am I hiding it under a bushel? Or am I putting it on the Kindle stick (or Nook, or in a book) for all the world to see?

I am accountable for what I do with the message God has given me. I am excited at the prospect of sharing what Christ has done for me with the world. How can I neglect my commission when I have such a great opportunity before me?

Today, as I share this message with you, I challenge you to share it with your family, your friends and the world. The need is great. Will you join me?


My Passion–by Martha Jane Curtis, 2014

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