Connect with Loved Ones–Pursue Your Passions–Live

My interests are many. Choosing between what I want to do and what I should do isn’t easy. I spend as much time writing as possible, but I take at least a few hours a week to walk in the woods with Joe.

Joe likes to hunt mushrooms and I like to photograph God’s creation. These nature walks allow us both to do something we like, and we are doing it together.
He has taught me much about mushrooms. I have become quite adept at finding them and I enjoy the hunt. Joe has learned to wait patiently (or not) while I photograph them.
We are each doing something we like, and we are doing it together. It is relaxing and the fresh air and exercise are good for us.


I have to confess to being shutter happy. I usually get home with close to a thousand pictures to download after one of these walks. I keep the best and delete the rest.
I enjoy sewing and crafting. I have shelves and boxes full of future projects. I don’t get as much of this done as I would like, but maybe someday…
Reading is high on my list of  interests, or maybe I should say addictions. Every room of my house displays the evidence.
Writing is my passion and my favorite past time. I am content with it for now, and maybe for always. 
Because… I am a Writer

Author: marthajanecurtis

I was born in the late fifties, which puts me somewhere between senior discounts at the Good Will Store and Social Security,or Old Age Pension, as it was once called. The first few years into my new status, I came to the conclusion that it was time to simplify my life and get rid of l my collections, leave the TV on all day, and prepare to die. But I still enjoy my collections, I don't even like television, and I have much more that I want to do before I die, so I designed a plan of my own. My aspirations are more than I have time to list, and many more than I can ever hope to achieve, but I have purposed to accomplish all that I can. I am self-employed at selling vintage flatware and anything else I find that interests me, at antique shows and on eBay. It is not a "high-paying" job, but it allows me to set my own schedule and be available when my family needs me. My family is important to me. Joe and I have been together for fourteen years; through trial and triumph, joy and sorrow, plenitude and penury. He is supportive of me in all that I do. I am mother to four wonderful children, one deceased, step mother to five and grandmother to sixteen, soon to be seventeen. I am happy in the relationships I have with Joe and our family and friends, but the relationship I treasure most is the one I have with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The desire of my heart for some time now has been to teach others how to have that relationship. I began attending meetings of a writers club with a friend a little over a year ago. I kept hearing the term "called to write." I considered myself a teacher, not a writer, but then one day God showed me I could teach through writing. Now, besides the many other things I am and aspire to become, I am a writer.

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